MAPS Legal Assistance

We have worked with Insight100 for many years and so when they suggested a customer and employee loyalty survey we trusted them to help us improve our business. The results were very helpful in identifying areas of improvement. But we were also able to shout about our strengths. We particularly liked the ranking against other businesses which we believe is unique and a very good reason why we would recommend the survey to other organisations. We repeated the surveys again this year because we find the data invaluable to our business and it is a very cost effective way of measuring our performance. Insight100 also ensured that the whole process was very easy for us to go through

James Tattersall, MD, MAPS Legal Assistance

Fairbanks Environmental

Understanding our customers is central to our business and we decided to put ourselves to the test with an independent survey.

I found Insight100 to be extremely easy to work with. We appreciated the time they took to explain the process and their project management skills helped us stick to a deadline.

We discovered that we scored better than we thought but the survey also offered us numerous areas of improvement. Not least, improving our website to make reporting simpler and our focus on two new contracts who didn’t score as well as we’d hoped for.

The results have been good and the staff are delighted to see firsthand what their customers are saying. We see it as a continuous process so repeating the survey every 12-18 months will be in our business plan going forward.

Gareth Jenkins, Business Account Manager, Fairbanks Environmental Ltd

Centre for Assessment

CFA decided to use the survey to get an accurate picture of how our customers perceive us and our services and products. Completing the survey questionnaire ourselves before the survey was launched also gave us a good insight in to our own perception of how our customers perceive us and how accurate /inaccurate our perception is. The survey has given us a shopping list of our customers needs, how they feel about us, what we do well, what we don’t do so well and what we need to do to improve our services. We have implemented a number of things as a direct result of the feedback we received from clients through this process. For example, we have introduced client focus meetings, amended and improved our client care letters and also improved our website to make it more informative and easier to navigate. We have already repeated the process after a year since it is a priceless tool for improvement. It was really motivational for our staff too since our scores had improved.

Joanne Breen, Certification Manager, Centre for Assessment Ltd

Pendle Leisure Trust

Pendle Leisure Trust decided to embark on the survey to enable us to take our own in house survey that step further in terms of the staffing element. It also enabled us to get a real feel of what our customers thought of the Trust and the service we offer in a more concise and precise way than we ever had before.

The benefits from moving away from in house surveys was the amount of professional feedback that was offered and results that were tangible. The biggest benefit was being able to benchmark ourselves against other similar organisations. The other benefit was the flexibility of the questions in that we were able to change them to make them 'fit' our organisation. We would recommend the process and Insight100 to any organisation who wants to measure, compare and improve their performance

Phil Storey, Chief Executive, Pendle Leisure Trust