Why Enter the Awards Programme?

These awards are unique! There is no judging panel and winning is not about the ability to write and submit a great application or emphasise just the positive aspects of an organisation.

Winners are determined by the scores they achieve following a free and independant online survey of their customers or employees. After all, it is customers and employees who are best placed to judge whether an organisation delivers outstanding customer service or is an outstanding place to work!

The entry process could not be simpler - just register for the appropriate award category and we will do the rest!

The benefits of entering the awards are considerable. Here are just some of the reasons why your organisation should take part in the awards:

  1. Free entry - There is no charge for entry, for the survey or for the summary report. Entry into either of the main awards will result in an automatic entry into one or more of the category awards relevant to your sector thereby increasing your chances of winning.

  2. No detailed application or submission to write - No need to spend time or effort putting together a detailed quality submission in the hope of impressing a judging panel. Winners are determined by your survey scores which incoprorate the Net Promoter Score.

  3. Raise your profile - Use your entry into the awards to generate increased exposure for your organisation.

    "The awards are a first class way for a company, large or small, to showcase its business. The fact that winners are selected based on customer and employee feedback rather than a judging pnale that has nothing to do with your business means the awards have real meaning and value. Winning such an award would represent a tremendous sales and marketing opportunity whilst also giving clear recognition to the contribution of staff"
    James Tattersall, MD, MAPS Legal Assistance 

  4. Prove your excellence - A confidential benchmarking report is produced for all entrants and will give you the opportunity to compare your performance with industry averages and best in class.

  5. Improve the level of insight you have about your customers and employees - The  detailed survey report segments your customers into 3 distinct categories ("Promoters", "Passives" and "Detractors") which enables you to develop specific strategies for each group. This report also identifies the 5 things that are most important to your customers / employees and how they rate your performance in these critical areas. The report also includes a range of valuable suggestions for improvement directly from customers and employees.

    "In all the surveys conducted to date, only one organisation has managed to predict the 5 things most important to their customers before they were given the results! - In other words there is a real chance of organisations spending money and effort on improving the things that are NOT really important to customers and ignoring those that are"
    Tariq Mahmood, Founder, Insight100 

  6. Acknowledge the efforts of your employees- Achievements can quite easily be overlooked and forgotten in the pressures of everyday business. Winning an award or achieving a high score allows people who deliver outstanding customer service to feel genuinely valued and appreciated and motivates them to continue to deliver exceptional service

  7. Impress stakeholders - Winning one of these awards or even achieving a high score is not easy. You are not judged by a panel of “experts” that has nothing to do with your business but by your customers or your employees. Consequently an award will be an indisputable endorsement of the quality of your organisation and your workforce.



How to take part

We aim to make the process of taking part in the awards programme as simple and straightforward as possible. There are 5 basic steps:


  1. Registration – Take a moment to register for the Insight100 Outstanding Organisations Awards Programme or alternatively email awards@insight100.com and we will contact you to provide more detailed information to assist you through the process. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria and deadlines for taking part on this site or our team will be happy to personally talk you through the process once you have registered

  2. Assessment – Depending on your entry category, we will conduct a free online customer loyalty survey and / or an employee loyalty survey. The format and timing of the surveys will be agreed with you. We also conduct a short test of your senior management team to assess the level of the customer and employee insight

  3. Analysis – We analyse the data once the surveys have been completed and allocate a Customer Loyalty Score™ and / or an Employee Loyalty Score™. The scores are a combination of 3 things:

    1. How likely your customers and / or employees are to recommend your organisation

    2. How customers and / or employees rate your performance against the 5 things that matter most to them
    3. How accurately the senior management team have managed to predict the top 5 customer and / or employee loyalty drivers

  4. Feedback – A summary report is produced and issued free of charge within 4 weeks of the survey closing. This will provide an overview of performance against the key areas above.

  5. Awards – Once all the surveys have been completed the results will be analysed and performance of all entrants ranked. Winners of both main awards and various category awards will be based purely on their scores. The winners will be issued with a certificate and have the option of purchasing a winners pack which includes a framed certificate, a trophy and free use of the winners logo. A list of the top outstanding organisations will also be published on our website.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Outstanding Customer Service Award– For entry into this award you must have a minimum of 50 customers or clients. For the results to be deemed valid for the awards a minimum of 20 customers or 5% of those surveyed (whichever is the greater) must have completed the survey

  2. Outstanding Workplace Award– For entry into this award you must have a minimum of 10 employees  and for the results to be deemed valid for the awards a minimum of 9 employees or 25% of those surveyed (whichever is the greater) must have completed the survey

  3. Outstanding Organisation – Entry for this ultimate award is automatic for organisation entering BOTH the above awards and meeting the eligibility criteria of each. The winner of this award will be the organisation with the highest combined score for each of the above individual awards